Gold Factory Online Slot Game Winners

In June 2011, Roxy Palace release Gold Factory online slot game. Since its release, the game has proven to one of the luckiest slot games at the casino with players winning over 60,000 Euros. The largest win was July 5th when a single player took home 25,756 Euros. This was the biggest jackpot on any game at Roxy Palace in the last 30 days. Two other large win occurred shortly after released with one player winning 14,450 Euros and another winning 20,091 Euros.

Gold Factory Features

The primary reason for the large payouts in the first month is the game features 50 paylines which indicates that winning combinations on the reels will fall more frequently. Also, some symbols award large payouts.

Boiler Room Bonus

The secret to success in the game is triggering the bonus round entitled, “Boiler Room Bonus.” The game transports players to the gold factory when they must select four hoppers. Liquid gold then flows from the hoppers granting bonus credits. The hoppers also have the ability to release tokens for two additional levels. In one of the levels, players can win between 10 and 35 free spins at double the payout. In the second level players go to the Reactor Room to win additional credits.

Other Winners

Also in the last month, one player won 10,551 Euros on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring online slot game. This branded-game is popular due to the thematic content and audio visuals. Another large win was 14,640 Euros on the slot game Bearly Fishing which is a comical cartoon-themed online slot game featuring the one and only Yogi Bear. The bears go fishing while on a picnic.

Information about Roxy Palace Online Casino

Roxy Palace features many currencies to allow players to participate in their favorite games with the currency of choice. With Euros and United States Dollars the most popular type of currency, there have also recently been large payouts in the dollar recently. One player won $15,866 when wagering on Reel Gems. This game is popular because there are 243 ways to win and it features the Respins function which allows players to spin a single reel while holding the others in place.

With the number of winners at Gold Factory in such a short period of time, the game has exploded with participants who are all attempting to hit that big jackpot.